“High Quality helicopter training”
At HQ Aviation, we are committed to share our passion about helicopters.
Whatever your dreams are, you are now half way there, so do not hesitate any longer! Come and fly with us!
Our team is dedicated to give you the best helicopter experience there is, from ab initio private pilot training to commercial pilot training, night ratings, type ratings, instructor rating and exciting expeditions. HQ Aviation will provide the expertiseand knowledge you will need to achieve your goals.
Ideal training location, with a variety of open countryside and busy airspace to hone your skills
Relaxed club atmosphere encouraging social learning
Flexibility to suit your needs
Experienced flight instructors
As fully fledged members of the British Helicopter Association and provider of Pilots to the Helicopter Club of Great Britain, our Chief Pilot is Quentin Smith, a twice & current World Freestlye Helicopter Champion of whom also holds World Records for circumnavigation of the Globe by Robinson 44. Possibly the most experienced expedition pilot on the globe, you can be sure you are in good hands!
HQ Aviation look forward to seeing you soon.




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