Hi there, and welcome to The Rotor Break!

The creation of ‘The Rotor Break’ was inspired by a quest to find out what it’s really like to operate in other parts of the vast Helicopter Industry, to answer questions that cannot be answered by HR departments or Job advertisements

We simply believe there’s an information gap within our Industry where pilots in the Oil & Gas sector, for example, have no idea what it’s like to be a Firefighting pilot and vice versa. The same is obviously true all across the industry from International Touring to EMS, Law Enforcement, SAR, Flight Instruction, and Tours and across all disciplines to include Medical, SAR, Law Enforcement and so many other professional aircrews.

If you’d like to share a “Day in the life”, Consider what you would tell new or experienced, Pilots and Crewmembers about what a typical day would be like if they were to follow in your footsteps, then get in touch…

We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!

The Rotor Break.