Welcome to Chinook Helicopters. Since 1982, we have been committed to giving you the best and most comprehensive flight training possible to prepare you for a successful career in the helicopter industry. Chinook has the most experienced instructors in the country, having an average flight time of over 10,000 hours each. Pilots in training will receive full advantage of this extensive industry experience to ensure their success.
Our courses include:
Instructor Ratings
Mountain Courses
Long Line
Initial/Recurrent Training
FAA Private/Commercial Licenses
Our facilities feature a large classroom, private study rooms, 2 flight simulators, and hangar space, totalling 22,000 square feet. At all times we have a number of Bell 47´s, Robinson R44´s, and Bell 206´s available for every type of training, and our location in the Fraser Valley gives you access to various terrain types, from high mountain passes to the open ocean.
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