Our mission is to provide pioneering world-class training whilst maintaining outstanding customer service and a high level of customer support.
We believe in our vision of opening up a new concept in flying training and distinguish ourselves from other generations of flying schools:
We have the well maintained aircraft kept in immaculate condition
We have structured free pre and post flight briefings of over an hour
We provide theory courses tailored to suit the individual or small groups using a professional teacher and modern audio visual aids
We have the most cost effective training solutions to offer our students an individual training plan
We focus on value-for-money and high-quality training especially designed for one individual not a class
We are dedicated to helping you not only achieve your licence but also become a professional and safe pilot in the long-term
We maintain our flying school in a supportive and open learning culture and so we are always available for our students to discuss their needs
We have developed PP(H)L theory course designed not only to pass the CASA exam but give you the practical knowledge used in every day flying
Our CP(H)L courses are developed not only to pass CASA exams but give you the practical knowledge needed to aviate in the demanding commercial general aviation environment
Founder Nik McManus operates as Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) as well as being a recognised testing officer as a representative for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)




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