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Type Ratings: R44, HU300
CRM Training
Advanced Heli-Flight operates from 12404 – 111 Ave., Grande Prairie Airport, Grande Prairie, AB. The facility offers class room, flight planning, fuelling facilities and a welcoming atmosphere.
At Saint John we operate from the Atlantic Flight Center at the Saint John Airport. This facility offers class room,flight planning, fuelling facilities along with a full compliment of FBO services.
Advanced Heli-Flight Ltd operates the Robinson R44 helicopter for flight training. Although there are many helicopter types suited for flight training, we have selected the R44 for our high altitude operating requirements in Western Canada and for its safe flight characteristics, large cabin size, stability, ease of flying, and its economy.
The Robinson R44 helicopter is recognized as one of the safest single engine helicopters in the world.The characteristics that contribute to the impeccable safety record of this aircraft are:
its flight stability;
its high inertia rotor system; and
its high mechanical reliability.
Its excellent autorotative capabilities allow the instructor to teach autorotations to touchdown with a high safety margin. This allows the student to become more proficient at autorotative approaches to a touchdown landing.




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