Specialist Helicopters offers you the opportunity to obtain the following: Private helicopter license, Commercial helicopter license, Night VFR Rating (NDB, VOR, DME and GNSS) and Helicopter Instructor ratings.
The Helicopter Instructor Ratings include:
Grade 1, 2 and 3 Training Endorsements
Flight Instructor Training Endorsement
Low Level Training Endorsement including Sling and Winch
Night VFR Training Endorsement
Design Feature Training Endorsements
Flight Activity Training Endorsements
Additional qualifications also include:
Type Ratings for single and multi engine helicopters
Low Level Rating including Fire Fighting, Mustering, Sling and Winch Endorsements.
Design Feature Endorsements including Float Alighting Gear, Gas Turbine Engine, Retractable Undercarriage
Flight Activity Endorsements including Formation
Our main training base is located at Orange, NSW with ancillary bases in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. Our main location offers a unique training environment. Close proximity to New South Wales native vegetation including dense forestation, bush and pastoral land.
Experience one of Australia’s busiest Class D aerodromes (Bankstown), numerous non towered aerodromes and Sydney International Airport airspace.




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