Kestrel has been a provider of quality helicopter pilot training for more than 25 years and is internationally recognised for its commitment to first-class safety standards and the excellence of graduating pilots.
Kestrel offers advanced training programmes including multi-engine command instrument rating training, Instructor courses,Bell 212 and Bell 412 type endorsements, winch training, rappell trainingandHUET courses.
Kestrel has a Frasca 342 simulator, used for instrument training as well as CRM and LOFT training, with courses designed to suit the client and their particular flying environment.
Ab-initio training is available for approved applicants
Kestrel´s facility is located at Mangalore, which was chosen for its stable weather conditions and proximity to the controlled airspace of Melbourne to the South or Albury to the North.
Current aircraft on line include Bell 206L (Long Ranger) BK 117 Bell 212, Bell 412 Robinson R22.




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