HV Helicopters is a well established and respected Helicopter training company with years of experience in the industry. We take the time for our students and make sure they will become the best pilot possible.
Quality training
We have experienced instructors with thousands of hours in training and general charter operations from VIP transport to long lining and aerial firefighting. All our instructors have a strong focus on safety and quality training and we actively strive for constant improvement.
Ideal location
Hunter Valley is a great location for flight training offering a wide variety of conditions to ensure you get the most from your training. Unlike training at big airports, Cessnock Airport is located in class G airspace we do not have the delays of a big controlled aerodrome, allowing training to be conducted efficiently to maximize your precious time and money! With Williamtown Class C and Sydney Class D airspace only a short flight away you still have the benefits of training in controlled airspace when needed.
The best of both worlds
Being both a charter and training company our students get the invaluable experience of seeing how the helicopter industry operates. We encourage students to take an active part in our charter operations to give them real world experience to help them be as employable as possible and ready to get that first job once they graduate.
Contact us
Please visit our website for more information or give Oliver a call on 0488 711 652. Looking forward to hearing from you.




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