Heli-College Canada provides high quality ground and flight training leading to the issue of the Private, Commercial, IFR, and ATPL(H) licenses. Conversion of foreign licenses to Canadian and helicopter IFR training are just two of our specialties. In addition to our standard VFR helicopter we have two fully IFR equipped trainers with HSI, RMI, and Garmin GNS430W installed.
Excellent mountain training locations are less than 10 minutes flight north of our base in Langley, B.C. A complete in-house ground school program covering over 4 times the minimum hourly requirements is taught by our high-time (minimum 10,000 hours!) helicopter instructors.
Computer assisted learning programs and extensive video library are available to all students. ATC112H helicopter simulator available to both IFR and VRF students. In addition to the material needed to pass the Transport Canada Exams, we concentrate on the practical knowledge that will help you operate in the real world.




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