GBR aviation Flight Training Centre located At Mareeba airport in FNQ is the premier helicopter training company in the region, with over 300 days of blue sky´s and having the training area a stone throw away you will maximise your training helping you achieve your goal faster and more cost effective
We offer courses from RPL right through to CPL and advanced courses such as Sling, Low Level, Mustering,  Flight Instructor Ratings and NVFR
We also provide ground tuition for you theory exams and are able to conduct the RPL and PPL exam in-house as an approved testing centre, we also have CASA approved Flight Testing officers on staff so there are no lengthy delays in sitting your Flight test
With over 20,000 hrs of combined experience between our instructors form military flying, fire, aerial survey and lots more you are sure to get more out of your training than just a tick in the box
Our aircraft have all the latest safety designs and equipment from bladder tanks to sattalite track so you will be sure you are in safe hands




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