Gbr Aviation Flight Training Centre provides Australia will premier flight training at it Mareeba base, conducting training for RPL, PPL, CPL, NVFR, Endorsements Training, HFR´s,Low Level Rating abd much much more, with CASA Approved Testing officers on site there is no waiting for  availability. We are  short course specialists with over 50 years combined Aviation experience our instructor not only teach you to be safe but also the reality of real world fly.
With over 300 days of sunshine and the training area a stone throw from the school there are no lengthy delays on air traffic control thus maximising cost efficiency, being one of the high flight schools in Australia with great mountains nearby  give the student plenty of depth in there traing
The fleet of aircraft all have the latest safety devices fitted give you full peace of mind with GPS tracking to bladder tanks in the Robinson fleet
All traning packages are tailored to you and we can go as fast of as slow as you wish being open 0700-1700 seven days a week 364 days a year




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