E-Z Air Helicopter Training Incis a Transport Canada-approved flight school and an approved post-secondary institution. We are dedicated to providing students with high-quality instruction. We are constantly evolving, seeking new ways to help our students become safe, skilled, professional pilots.
E-Z Air offers both commercial and private helicopter license training as well as advanced programs for the instructor ratings as well as night ratings. Other operational training such as external loads and mountain flying are also available.
E-Z Air offers a comprehensive helicopter ground school that aims to do more than just get you a passing mark on the Transport Canada exam. Our students consistently score above average on the written test.
Along with our flight school, E-Z Air is also provides charter services and sightseeing tours as well as operates their own maintenance service center.
E-Z Air is now conveniently located a few minutes west of the city at the new Parkland Airport.




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