Our base of operation is the St. Thomas Municipal Airport strategically chosen because of its proximity to larger markets such as London, Kitchener, and Hamilton, and because of its student pilot friendly airport environment. Our campus administrator, Paul Zimmer has 35 years experience in helicopter operations in Canada and is the current President and Operations Manager for Zimmer Air Services Inc. Our current fleet consists of two Robinson R-44, one Robinson R22, and one Bell 206B Jet Ranger type helicopters. Although not used for primary flight training we can also provide type endorsements on the Eurocopter AS 350 A-Star and AS 355 Twin-Star.
All of our aircraft are maintained in-house by Zimmer Air Services Aircraft Maintenance Organization, Approval # 157-92. Our full time experienced maintenance staff will ensure maximum aircraft serviceability, and minimal disruptions of your flight training schedule due to aircraft maintenance requirements. If you would like more information about CHTA please contact us.




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