Aeromega (Cambridge) is a well-respected and broad based pilot training school, and has significantly expanded its capabilities to embrace all categories of pilot training. These include CPL(H), PPL(H), Type Conversions, Instructor and Examiner Training & Revalidation. All courses are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and comply with current JAA regulations. A number of the company staff pilots and instructors are qualified CAA examiners and as such are able to meet the needs of those candidates who have completed their training with the company.
Student pilots learning to fly with Aeromega therefore, do so with a company that engages in many areas of onshore helicopter activity. As such potential customers could think that Aeromega may not promote a culture in their flying schools appropriate to private flying. On the contrary, safe well-trained private pilots some of whom may wish to progress to professional status enjoy the relaxed, friendly but highly informative environment of the company flight schools and are trained by personable, experienced instructors.




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