Airplane pilots who would like a helicopter certificate, do not need a written test for the Private, Instrument or Commercial add-on. The flight training hour requirements are less, and since you are already a pilot, less ground school and helicopter lessons are required.

Pilots will not be required to take an additional written exam. International pilots, who have never taken a FAA written exam, will be required to do so, or a restriction will be placed on their FAA license.

Helicopter training at our Lincoln, California facility is taught by our Chief Flight instructor. An aviation professional for over 37 years , Mature and Friendly, Commercial, Instrument, Multi Engine, including CFI and CFII for fixed wing single and multi-engine aircraft and rotorcraft helicopter with over 14,000 total flight hours and over 9,500 hours dual given. 4,000 hours of Instrument actual and simulated and has recently qualified to become a Designated Pilot examiner for fixed and rotary wing in the Los Angeles area.




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