Lessons For A Flight Instructor!

…good advice comes when you’re least expecting it…sometimes, the best way to get back home to your family, is to land the damn helicopter and walk…

16 Best Books for Helicopter Pilots

Helicopter Pilot books

Whether it’s a gift for the helicopter pilot in your life or something for yourself to pass the time while on shift, we’ve got a list of 16 of the “Best Books for Helicopter Pilots”.

How to become a helicopter pilot, (Part 2, What about jobs?)

“The pay isn’t high and the opportunities are hard to come by especially at first but remember, there doesn’t have to be plenty of jobs available in your chosen field, there only needs to be one and if you want it, you need to make sure that you’re the one who gets it! If being […]

So, you’re considering the Rotorcraft Transition Program?

If you read my “How did I get here?” post, you’ll know I’ve always wanted to be a helicopter pilot and never even considered the possibility of being a commercial fixed wing pilot but I’ll be honest, over the last few years it has captivated me, as much as it seems to have captivated almost […]

The last Helicopter Pilots…

Does anyone need us anymore? Haven’t they been waiting for the flying car ever since the ’60s promised it to the ’80s?