A Day In The Life…Aerial Saw Pilot!

An Aerial Saw pilot is a year-round position in that there is no busy or slow season. The 500D models we fly are like migratory birds chasing fine weather up and down the Atlantic and Mississippi flyways.

A Day In The Life…Superyacht Pilot!

During the summer of 2018, I was fortunate enough to fly from a 50-meter (164-foot) private yacht …departing Seattle, WA on May 1st to cruise the Inside Passage and Gulf of Alaska…

A Day in the life…Maryland State Police!

We complete a recon and lower our Rescue Tech (RT) to the Ship to assess the patient and get them ready to be hoisted to the aircraft. Once the RT indicates that everything is ready we move back in to pick them both up…

A Day In The Life…Helicopter Flight Paramedic!

AW139 Over Melbourne Australia

…severe skull fractures.. .extensive brain damage…twenty four hours earlier Liam and his parents had been enjoying life, bushwalking in Mt Kosciusko State Forest, hundreds of miles from Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital…

A Day In The Life… An Irish Air Corps Pilot!

A Day in the Life... an Irish Air Corps Pilot!

A joint services exercise involving artillery, naval vessel guns, fixed-wing rockets and machine guns starts to get complex quick….a job like this is mostly about, what we call, mission management… It doesn’t hurt that its’ fun!

A Day In The Life…Irish Charter Pilot!

…take the mighty H120 down to Shannon Airport to meet a group of four golfers right off their jet from the United States and bring them to the world famous Old Head golf club…

A Day In The Life… Drying Cherries!

Cherry Drying Bell 206

It was 0430, sunrise was about 30 minutes away, and I checked the DarkSky app for the sixth time since I got up 20 minutes prior. “On contract” with a cherry farmer in central Washington state…this looked like the first day I would be called on to fly…

A Day In The Life…Tour Pilot, UK!

Bell 206 Sightseeing aircraft

Got a shiny new CPL and want to cut your teeth at something other than instructing? Try getting involved with pleasure flying and you’ll find your skills and understanding of flying developing in no time.

A Day In The Life…Chief Aircrewman!

A Day in The Life...Chief Aircrewman!

…I one hundred percent practice the ‘dress to egress’ principle, students who have not paid heed to this, will now suffer…facing the harsh realities of a post-crash jungle survival scenario…

A Day in the Life…Kmax over Camp Bastion!

Kmax K1200 Helicopter

The K-1200 sits in our hangar… among the bigger, fatter and unsightly 61s and Hueys. An insect like profile stares back as I approach, looking more like a truck sized dragon fly than a helicopter…

A Day in the Life…Offshore VFR Captain!

AS350 Astar on Offshore platform

…there may be no “typical day” in the Gulf but if you’re considering a position as a VFR pilot in the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find we all share “typical experiences”…

A Day in the Life…Offshore in the Gulf of Mexico!

Sikorsky S92 before an early morning flight

The week begins with the long drive to work on Tuesday evening…for the past thirteen years, I’ve driven back and forth one day each week from Houston to report to a base located somewhere in Louisiana or Mississippi.

A Day in the Life…The International Ferry Flight!

Superpuma Helicopter in Flight

As part of our “Day in the Life” series, the following is a day in the life like no other! An account of an international ferry flight from West Africa to Eastern Poland, provided by, Author and Pilot, Darcy Hoover. Leaving Africa The sweet song of African voices swell in harmony through the open windows […]